The OSEM’s in New York!

My friend CJ plays violin in the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico (Orquesta Sinfonica Del Estado De Mexico). Right now, the OSEM’s on tour in the States, and today, they’re playing up in the Bronx at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. It’s the first time I’ve had a chance to hear them outside of Mexico, and they’re right in my backyard! I bought my tickets ages ago.

So of course I’m happy enough to go see the concert, but it’s much more exciting that I’ll see CJ. This is the first time in forever that she’s been in New York. I saw her last winter in Worcester, and in late 2006 in Mexico (the photo I posted a couple of weeks ago is from that visit). It’s so great that she’s here! Of course, she’ll only be here for about six seconds. She’s leaving tomorrow for Worcester and a Tuesday concert. But I’ll get to hang out with her just a bit before she has to climb on the bus. Excellent.

Here’s a photo from that last trip to Mexico, CJ and one of the trios she plays with performing in a lovely garden courtyard at the university.

trio in the garden


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