uncurling the “yes”

  love is a place
  love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places
yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds

ee cummings (1894-1962)  



Lines I read over and over and think again and again: wish I’d written that!


I’m in a ‘love’ mood these days, I guess.  Just got back from the post office.  Got there at 10 (and aren’t I just so glad it stays open all night?), but had to wait until almost 11 to mail my proposals because an alarm went off, all the windows were instantly closed up, and there was much ado about … who knows?  There were a few announcements that no one could understand.  There were two trucks’ worth of firefighters coming in and huddling near the info desk.  There was a maintenance worker sweeping up and telling us not to worry unless we saw one of the postal workers running.  And there were all the funny people on line, amusing themselves by discussing — with each other and on the cell phones — how “New York” we all were to just stand there so as not to lose our places in the line … you know, rather than find out if there was a problem!

But then there wasn’t a problem.  The fire fighters left, one truck at a time.  The alarms went off.  The emergency lights stopped flashing … and finally the windows opened up again and we could all send our mail.  No explanation, no nothing, just back in business.  You ‘splain it.

Saw two other program directors there dropping off proposals, too.  One had two boxes full!  Made my three envelopes look pretty paltry, but she is from a huge system.  Fingers crossed, everybody.  That was almost $700K in proposals I just sent away!


4 thoughts on “uncurling the “yes”

  1. Mopsy

    Oy! At least 10 p.m. isn’t as bad as others we’ve done. Congratulations on getting the puppy to bed.

    ~ Mopsy in the Holy Land


  2. Oh, yes, the main post office in Manhattan? 24/7. It’s a magical thing. And it’s always a little funny to see how many people are in there in the middle of the night. Weird.

    Thanks, Mops. Hope all’s well with you and your dad.


  3. inmate1972

    I love this poem. Of course, I love most of ee cummings’s work. Went to SUNY the other day to view the rediscovered paintings of his.


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