SOL: New Term

It was the first night of class tonight! Gone are my lovlies from last term [sigh] … I now have a new group of lovelies to work with. It’s too early for me to come up with names for them (I already knew the kids from last term a few weeks before I started talking about them here, so I could give them blog names that fit their personalities a little). But one thing I do know already: this group is nothing like the last group. That’s always true, I know, but this time it’s just. really. true. I can already see that I have a couple of live wires, though; and a couple of quiet ones that I’ll worry about.

We made class rules, and they came up with a good chunk of my non-negotiable list:

  • no cursing,
  • cell phones (sidekicks, blackberries) off,
  • treat everyone with respect,
  • come to class prepared to work

… I like how much they thought about certain things. Two of the groups came up with the “homework only on Tuesdays and Thursdays” rule, and one group made a list of class rules and a list of teacher rules! Ok, it’s only the first night. My group from last term came up with really good rules, too. And they broke every last one of them! So we’ll see what happens.

The fact that the group is quieter, less close-to-the-edge than last term, means we’ll get a lot more work done, and that can only be a good thing …. but it will mean a LOT more work for me. I’ll actually have to plan full lessons, instead of knowing I should leave time for all the tangents and erruptions.

And speaking of erruptions last term, nearly the whole gang from last term came up to say hi to me after class. Valerie screamed out my name and flung herself into my arms when she saw me, Reina and Jeovany gave me hugs. The big news? “Miss, guess what,” Valerie said right before they left. “I’m Jeovany’s girlfriend.” Um, what? Was no one supposed to know that? “No, we were just talking before, getting to know each other,” she explained. “Now it’s official. Now I can say I’m his girlfriend.” And she looked so happy, so, so, so happy, I have to just go with it. I’ll admit, I didn’t think they’d last this long. And then Jeovany came in and had the same so, so, so happy smile on when he looked at Valerie. How can I not be charmed by them?


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