What more, really, is there for me to say?  This is beyond depressing.

You can read about it at The Root and Feministe and CNN.

I’m not surprised. Really not. But I so wanted to be. I wanted this judge to shock me by making a decision that would show that this wasn’t just business as usual, that we weren’t going to see another case like all the other cases where innocent black men are gunned down by the police and the police are found not guilty.

And yes, I know two of the officers were black and latino.   That somehow makes Sean Bell’s death ok?  Somehow proves that his death had nothing to do with the color of his skin?

I started this day in such a good mood, and now I’m utterly demoralized.  How do I live here?  How do I make a life in a place where I have so little value?

3 thoughts on “Acquitted.

  1. That’s how I felt as my son’s reading teacher grabbed his arm, pointed in his face, and scolded him in front of me and the entire school. He has Asperger’s—c’mon!

    What is wrong with people? I think they’re ignorant.


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