Sister Nikki

Still taking a break from my frustration.

I realized last night that April is just too short. There are too many poems I want to share to be satisfied with only 30 days. And I realized that I’d come this far through the month and not shared even one poem by the divine Ms. G, Nikki Giovanni. I can’t say enough how much I love this woman and her writing.  She’s just such an extraordinary light.  I first saw her when I was a kid, a photo in either Ebony or Essence, and she looked so strong, so smart, so beautiful, so full of so much to say.  I fell in love in an instant. 

Nikki Giovanni

one day
you gonna walk in this house
and i’m gonna have a long African
you’ll sit down and say “The Black …”
and i’m gonna take one arm out
then you — not noticing at all — will say “What about this brother …”
and i’m going to be slipping it over my head
and you’ll rap on about “The revolution …”
while i rest your hand against my stomach
you’ll go on — as you always do — saying
“I just can’t dig …”
while i’m moving your hand up and down
and i’ll be taking your dashiki off
then you’ll say “What we really need …”
and taking your shorts off
then you’ll notice
your state of undress
and knowing you you’ll just say
isn’t this counterrevolutionary …”


Probably should have put “PG-13” or “NC-17” at the start of this one, huh?

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