SOL: Off the Front Page

That’s the story.  From Friday’s 9:15am announcement to Monday’s press.  Not even three full days.  My anguish wasn’t even below the fold yesterday.  With the exception of amNY, the story has lost it’s gloss for the papers I saw.  For some of those others, Roger Clemens’ affair and Miley Cyrus’ so-called nudity were much more full-page worthy.

But amNY got it right.  They gave us this excellent photo, headlined “Fight Goes On,” which felt optimistic:


I listened to Nas and Mos Def share their feelings about the verdict.  Nas said some things I really can’t get behind … but he said a lot of other things that were totally on target.  Mos Def sounded frustrated and fed up, made a strong argument comparing the crimes and sentences of Mychal Bell and Wesley Snipes with what’s just happened, asked people to think about the message that sends to black folks.  I can only speak for this particular black folk, but I had already gotten that message years ago.  I was ready for a new message.  I hear him, though.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

So my heart’s been moved off the front page.   Maybe that means I should stop wearing it on my sleeve?  I’ve posted on this nearly non-stop since Friday.  Maybe I’ve done all the ‘out loud’ I need to do with this for now, and it’s time to take it inside for a while.

7 thoughts on “SOL: Off the Front Page

  1. If you keep sharing ‘out loud,’ I’ll keep listening.

    3 days shouldn’t be enough for the media. It’s so disheartening the way the media so clearly focuses on “what sells” rather than “what’s important.”


  2. Maggie, dammit

    This is the worst part about mainstream news. When they say it’s over, it’s over. And our memories are soooo incredibly short-term, it’s breathtaking. Shocking.



  3. juliebrock

    Ditto to all that commented before me. How atrocious – both the acquittal and the bored media. The sickness of soundbytes…


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