Olbermann on Fire

I was pretty shocked when I heard the tape of Clinton’s comment. But, as a gal with no TV, I don’t get to see Keith O on anything vaguely resembling a regular basis, so when I saw this vid I was a little taken aback. He’s on the money, though, speaking as if from the center of my own shock, outrage and alarm.

Meanwhile, over at FoxNews, it’s all for laughs. Check out 1:23-1:33.

Well, both, if we could.”

Really, Ms. Trotta? Really? What is wrong with people? What’s funny here? How could anything about this be funny?


4 thoughts on “Olbermann on Fire

  1. Maggie, dammit

    I can’t believe Hilary. I really, really can’t.

    I played this Oberman video for everyone. For my Republican husband and my Democratic friends. Everyone.

    God help us if she’s elected.

    As for the second video? WHAT. AN. ASSHOLE.


  2. Hi, Maggie– Yeah. I’m still pretty much speechless. I still can’t believe she said it. But even more, I can’t believe how many people are dismissing it, are concerned only because it might have upset the Kennedy’s … and one guy who argued that we’re all off-base with our outrage because, if you think about it, Hillary is the Bobby Kennedy of this campaign. (Yeah. WTF?!?!)

    My heart’s sore.


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