SOL: Stormy Weather

After class tonight I talked with Valerie and Jeovany for a while.  (Jeovany got a new job!  One with decent — that is to say, humane — hours.  One that pays more than his old, awful job)  Then I talked for a while with J___ about classes and the killing, barely-relieved-by-the-poor-performing-AC heat of our second floor rooms.  Then we left.  As I clocked out on the first floor, I heard a noise that surprised me.  “Was that thunder?”  “Couldn’t be,” J___ said.  Then he opened the door and we saw the trees outside being whipped by the wind.  “Something’s coming,” J___ said.   “Fast.”  We said hurried good-byes as we took off in different directions.  I decided a cab home might be smarter than waiting at the bus stop, so I headed for the Azteca dispatch.

There were brilliant lightning flashes and so much wind and people running to get indoors.  I felt a drop or two of rain as the wind flung them into my face.

From the door of the school to the door of the car service is about one block.  I started walking faster.  As I crossed to street (almost there!) I looked down 7th Avenue … and could see the storm four blocks away.  A wall of rain was moving toward me at an amazing speed.  I stopped for a second, fascinated to see the power of the storm, to see it charging up the street while I stood there, not yet in it.  Then I shook myself out of the “oo, isn’t mother nature cool” moment and ducked into Azteca just as the rain hit.

I gave the dispatcher my address and went to stand in the doorway and watch the rain.  It was fantastic: huge, loud, vehement.  It smelled green and dirty and like hot asphalt.  In the aureole of the street lamp on the corner I could see that it was coming down in three directions: the traditional straight and the flamboyantly extravagant west-east and south-north diagonals.

Is it obvious that I love storms?  I really do.  I don’t like them to catch me by surprise, to drench me on my way to an interivew or a date, to flood my apartment or knock out my electricity, but I love them.  I love the force of the wind and water, love the chest-rocking blasts of thunder and the jagged slashes of lightning.  And I love how quickly they can burn themselves out.

Tonight?  By the time I got home, it was long finished.  A breeze had come up and the wicked heat and humidity of the past few days had been washed away.


4 thoughts on “SOL: Stormy Weather

  1. Maggie, dammit

    Your description is fantastic.

    We’ve had this same thing here, day after day. It’s been thrilling and awful all at the same time.


  2. My son is just getting used to the idea of summer storms. He’s two.

    He gets very interested and talks about it a lot during and after storms… but sticks close to Action Girl or me, just for reassurance.

    “Dat was loud. It went ‘BRRRRRUM!’ and was bright.”
    Sometimes it’s like living your life with the DVD edition, director’s commentary turned on.

    Turkish Prawn


  3. I was half thinking I should delete this post … it’s so light-hearted in the face of everything that’s happened and is still happening in Iowa. I listen to the news in horror.

    Turkish, I love this: “Sometimes it’s like living your life with the DVD edition, director’s commentary turned on.” Hilarious!


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