Summer Goals

Stacey lobbed a meme my way. I still haven’t fully worked through my ambivalence on these things. This one’s good, though, because it’s just at the time I’m already make my must-do lists for summer, so I’ll jump in.

My goals for the summer:

  1. finally finish unpacking and settle into my new digs
  2. set up my sewing/craft room in the basement
  3. make new dresses for summer (and plan for my Guadalajara wardrobe for fall!)
  4. decide if I’m doing a Spanish immersion course or going to Jamaica for vacation
  5. WRITE
  6. go down to visit my mom, aunt and sister at least once
  7. learn how to use my still-sorta-new camera
  8. start working on a new Blurb book
  9. make time for wandering around and getting to know my new neighborhood
  10. have fun with T___ when she comes for rock camp

Hmm … that’s an awfully long list considering how painfully short summers are! And do you notice that none of them have anything to do with work? I guess that makes sense given how ready for the end of the school year I am, but it does surprise me.

Well, it’s written, but not in stone … I’ll have to think about it some more and see if I need to put that much on my plate when I still have to teach a mini-cycle this summer! Thanks for getting me to actually write out a list, Stacey. Now I have to decide what’s really do-able.

So, what are your goals for the summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. inmate1972

    1. Re-read “Infinite Jest” again. It was a freakin’ marathon the first time, but I’ve been training and I think I’m up for it.

    2. Get my bench press back up above 225.

    3. Find some place to get a decent haircut. Seriously, my hair sucks.

    4. Get some happy.

    5. Imbibe happy if #4 fails.

    6. Learn to use my new sewing machine.


  2. I also have some sewing projects on my list. I was wondering if there’s a particular company whose patterns you like. I just ordered two patterns for tops, I think from Simplicity.


  3. Good goals – hope you get to go on a vacation
    My goals include a lot of reading, cleaning out the linen closet (which I did today) and some sewing/quilting projects – gotta do some writing too


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