Vacation plans? Check!

Yes, the summer has barely started, and I can already check one item off my summer goals list!

Item 4 on my list was figuring out where I was going to spend my August vacation, Jamaica or Mexico. There was a solid list of reasons for choosing either one. Well, yesterday I bought a plane ticket … to Mexico.

Done. And done. I’ll be taking a 2-week Spanish immersion course in the mornings and enjoying fun and sun on the Riviera Maya all afternoon and evening! And what’s better is that I’ll be spending time with my dear friend CJ, who lives in Mexico and will fly over to join me. She won’t be signing up for Spanish classes, of course (after more than 20 years in Toluca, her Spanish is actually better than her English these days!). She’ll be sitting by the pool at our swank hotel … learning German. Yes, really, that’s her plan for the mornings. And who knows what trouble we’ll get up to the rest of the day. As she asked me yesterday, “When was the last time we got to make mischief?”

So Mexico it is, and I have work to do.  I’m replacing item four on my goals list with something new: start studying Spanish now so that I can get into a higher-level class when I get down to Playa del Carmen.


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