SOL: New Routine

Watch as I play The Grown Up.

Up early to get myself ready for work. Then: wake T and start making lunch, serve breakfast, comb T’s hair, finish making lunch while T gets dressed, get dressed while T plays with the cats, check T’s purse (metrocard? guitar pick? sunglasses? play phone? real phone numbers? few dollars for lunchtime crap game … I mean, you know, just in case), pack lunch boxes, turn off lights, find the tape roller for last-minute de-furring, head out to the bus stop, thumb-wrestle my way downtown, drop T at camp, get to work.

Can I just say, this level of having it together is so not me? I can barely get myself out of the house most mornings. I never make breakfast, only rarely figure out lunch.

A friend of mine once told me having to take care of children makes you responsible. I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary, but suddenly acquiring a child has magically transformed me into this very attentive, on top of things person.

Even more shocking than the morning routine, is coming home at night and fixing dinner … I mean before 10:30, mind you. And making sure T brushes her teeth. And remembering to turn on the oven light (my things-I-didn’t-think-of stand-in for a night light) before putting T to bed.

I must stress again that it is often all I can do to tend myself. How am I so instantly able to see about T, to make sure all the pieces fall into place?

Tonight I actually managed to pull off a play date in Prospect Park. A play date, people. Six kids, snacks, water features, swings and jungle gyms, no injuries, no tantrums, just fun.

Curiouser and curiouser.


8 thoughts on “SOL: New Routine

  1. Isn’t it crazy??? When we had Mia we stayed at the hospital until they kicked us out because we couldn’t believe they were just gonna let us take care of this child. Amazingly and quickly enough the pieces fall into place and you do become this “grown-up”. Just wait until they leave and the house seems emptier and you still find it hard to relax instead of follow the schedule!
    A fun slice!!


  2. After having raised three children, born within 5 years, I understand what you are writing. It is amazing how a person can get it together, organize and parent small children. Now that my children are all adults and raising their own children, it’s also amazing to watch how they choose to parent. It really helps to have had a great Mother myself, who modeled responsibility and character in her life. It truly helped me when it was my turn to be a parent.


  3. juliebrock

    Ahhhhh, for me, some days are better than others 🙂 I might remember the breakfast, but forget the plans my friend told me three times before – I suppose the brain just compensates!


  4. You are doing better than I am and I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now! Go you! I guess it helps that she doesn’t wake you up at all hours of the night. How old is T?


  5. inmate1972

    Living on an island briefly made that person. Of course, now that I’m on the mainland, my routine fell all back down to Hell.


  6. I continue to be impressed by my on-time-ness and caretaking skill … but I also have no illusions about how long this new-found responsibility will last! T___’s only here another two days. Come Sunday, I’m sure I’ll slide right back to my more familiar sloth-like self …

    I am definitely better at tending T___ than I am at tending myself. I have her perfectly together every day … but I keep forgetting my own stuff!

    T___ (who is 9, Ladybug) hasn’t seemed to notice anything odd in my handling of her time here, and that, surely, is all that matters.


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