Cool for Cats

Before Rock Camp, T told her mother she needed new clothes, that she needed some outfits that went along with a “New York City, rock and roll lifestyle” (her words). Apparently her existing wardrobe is too colorful. “Rock people where more black and gray.” Yeah. This, of course, made for a great story to tell my friends, but it also got me thinking … and worrying.

Insofar as I happen to live in New York City, I have a “New York City lifestyle,” but it seems unlikely that my life in any way lives up to what T thinks about when she imagines the New York lifestyle. No livin’ la vida loca over ’round my way. Too busy with teh working and sleeping. And I thought how sad it would be to have that illusion of myself as the cool New York City aunt shattered by her discovery of my unbelievably boring life … to say nothing of my plain-Jane wardrobe.

How silly of me. T is nine years old, after all. Anything we do is cool because — hello! — we’re doing it here, in New York City! What was I thinking? Why was I worried?

Sunday we rode the subway into Manhattan — cool! We had lunch at a diner — cool! Then it was over to University Place for bowling — cool! Then it was back to the subway, where we saw a guy with a surf board — cool! We came back to Brooklyn for an electric green pedicure and a metallic navy manicure — cool! (I had an ultra-dull, invisible pink manicure, thank you.) Then it was home for an evening with G&G, my landlords’ wonderful daughters — unspeakably cool! They doused each other with the hose in the back yard, played hide and seek, sang along to songs the older G played on the piano (my favorite was hearing all the kids belt out I’m a Believer with enough gusto to put Eddie Murphy and the Monkees to shame). We had dinner upstairs — cool! And then it was off to bed.

And my wardrobe? Aside from the fact that I wore a hot pink shirt yesterday (pink is, if you didn’t know, ‘evil’), everything I’ve put on has received the T seal of approval. White dashiki-style top with ombre pink embroidery? Beautiful. White gauze sleeveless top with silver embroidery? So pretty. Orange peasant-style t-shirt? Cute and fun.

So glad I pass muster. And, too, glad my glam-life image is firmly in tact.


Yes, you knew this was coming:


2 thoughts on “Cool for Cats

  1. We worry about what our kids think because we love them so much. My daughter just turned 10 and my sister called me from the mall wondering if the outfit she’d picked out would work. Of course it will work and it did work because cool Auntie J picked it out. And, what did she pick to wear on her actual birthday . . . yup, the cool outfit. Your list of activities would keep ME entertained in NYC, too! Keep it up, Cool Auntie!


  2. Oh, I so enjoyed this! You’ve been talking about this visit and now it’s here. I’ve going to catch up on your posts today. These events do sound cool! Even to a 63 year old!


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