Yeah, and I’ve got this bridge for sale …

So, by now everyone’s seen this:


I woke up to talk about this on the radio. Couldn’t wait to get to work and look it up to see for myself. It couldn’t have been as bad as it sounded …

Obviously, as a bitter, angry, vengeful black woman, I take offense at this. How else can I react? I have to be angry about something all the time, right? Or maybe I’m just jealous that this pic of Michelle’s fro is nicer than mine.  (And can I just point out that Mrs. Obama straightens her hair. She would have to cut it off and let it grow out for a few years before she could create a ‘do like the one on this cover. Oh, I know that’s hardly the point, but it is, too. Could white people ever finally get a clue about black hair?)

Oh, yeah, I have teh Angry Black Woman Syndrome big time.

AJ Plaid in a post over at Racialicious caught my eye on this one, but you can find posts about it all over the place. I don’t have any words. I’m just too disgusted.


3 thoughts on “Post-racial?

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve only “heard” about this. Your racialicious article was the first thing I’ve read. That framed the issues very clearly for me.

    I’d still like to hear more from you if your disgust turns to anything else in the coming days.


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