I asked for it …

… and I waited almost patiently … and now I’m doing a Sally Field!

So much kinder than I’d expected, what with the long-winded posts, the writing challenges, the YouTube vids, the cuss-o-meter and the vast, crystal-blue waters of the Sea of Ellipsis …

The idea of submitting my blog for review after only a few months ‘on air’ seemed more than a little crazy. Now that I’ve been so favorably judged, it’s time to pursue world domination.  (Excuse me while I start turning my basement into Control.)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive.


11 thoughts on “I asked for it …

  1. Thanks, everybody! I’m still pretty surprised. I’ve made good progress in the basement, too. By sundown tomorrow it will totally be a craft room … oh, wait, I mean the secret lair of my nefarious empire!


  2. That’s fabulous. You and your blog deserve to be recognized. What a great review.

    I hadn’t seen that site before. It intimidates me a bit. I’d have to do a lot of cleaning up of my blog before I’d consider submitting.


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