SOL: Searching …

One of the interesting things about having this blog is seeing what random things people have searched for that have led them to one or another of my posts.  It’s surprising to me, for example, to see just how many people search for Langston Hughes’ poem “I, too” every week.  I had no idea.

So that’s a clever little feature.  And then there are the days like the one last week and then today when I notice someone’s been reading the “Only wild animals act like that.” post … and I scroll down and look at the search column and see that someone has searched for “why do blacks act like animals” or “niggers act like animals.”  No, I’m not kidding.  WTF?!?!

Yeah, but am I really surprised?  Sadly, I suppose I’m not at all surprised.  [sigh]

(Well, at least I can pretend to believe that those searchers had a moment of remorse once they got past the surprise of finding themselves here.  And I can be glad that none of them has felt inspired to share any of their ugly in my comments.)


4 thoughts on “SOL: Searching …

  1. That is really disturbing. WTF, indeed.

    I’d like to think that your post gave the searchers a moment of pause, as well. I’d like to think that, but, well…


  2. inmate1972

    Yeah, I feel your pain. For some truly bizarre reason, men looking to have sex with their mother and/or men looking to commit acts of beastiality are directed to my blog. Ewwwwwwwwww……….


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