I’m leavin’ on a jet plane …

… and I’m pretty sure when I’ll be back again.

In six and a quarter hours I need to be at LaGuardia ready to be shoeless and compliant as I am searched (oh dear, I hope they don’t have that awful makes-you-naked machine!). I am so very much not ready to leave … and at the same time, so very much absolutely ready to be on vacation.

I just finished the last of my pre-trip Skype lessons. Sadly, this one was with Gustavo, not with Martín. (Martín kind of shocked me Wednesday. Had the nerve to talk to me about … another student! Yes, really. Had the nerve to admit that he has other students, that I’m not his one and only. I mean, come on, isn’t that some kind of adultery? Hmph.) Gustavo’s growing on me, though. Tonight he offered to bring his guitar to the next lesson so he could sing for me. Cute.

The lessons have been really good. I’ve learned a little, but mostly what the lessons have done is helped me feel more comfortable trying to say things in Spanish. Gustavo even mentioned it tonight, said it seemed that I was speaking a lot better in such a short time, but I really think it’s just that I’m talking, period. That I’m just trying to get the ideas out instead of clamming up if I don’t know a word. Last night I spoke Spanish all the way home from school … not out loud to myself like a wannabe-bilingual crazy person, but with my cab driver. I don’t think I’d have tried that prior to these lessons. So I definitely give the NuLengua folks an enthusiastic thumbs up.

I have so much to do still! Time to go finish the so-cute-I-can’t-wait-to-put-it-on dress I’m making. I had hoped to make five dresses. Right. When I only started on Saturday? When I work full time and then three nights a week? Right. Well, I finished one, and this second one’s nearly done, too.

Hasta pronto, mis amigos!


5 thoughts on “I’m leavin’ on a jet plane …

  1. I just checked Heather in Paradise’s blog and it’s 91°F in Playa right now. I hope you have a lot of fun and speak lots of Spanish while you are there. Get your courage up and just do it, it’s most of the battle. Husband has lots of book Spanish but gets too shy to talk, while my best friend probably speaks the worst Spanish on the face of the earth and everyone eventually understands her. Don’t get discouraged if people look at you funny, it’s because you are speaking Spanish while Gringo which short circuits their brains a little.


  2. Hey, thanks, Theresa! I have a lot of trouble remembering to be brave about speaking. I’m trying, though. I got in late yesterday afternoon, and I’ve spoken a little with a few people. Folks here keep defaulting to English with me, though. I have to try a little harder to get them to use Spanish with me!

    It’s gorgeous here. I’m going to wander out later and go find the school so I’ll be all set for the start of classes tomorrow.


  3. Sounds like your vacation is off to a great start! I’m glad. (I know what you mean about finding out your teacher has other students; I had that very experience within the past week, with my guitar teacher. Of course I know, in theory, that he has other students, but I had that exact same feeling of “You have other students???” when he mentioned one of them.)


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