AI Life …

… having nothing to do with my aritificial intelligence or anyone else’s.

No, this AI stands for “All Inclusive.”  This hotel is really geared toward the AI crowd, but buying the all-inclusive is optional, not mandatory.  So I opted out, of course, because I’m not around for most of every day because of school.  But then CJ suggested we buy the package for today because this was the one day when we’d be around more than not.  Yes, there was the Tulum trip, but it was half a day.  We’d still be able to do all three meals and visit a bar or two.  I went along because I knew she wanted to do it, and I figured it would be nice to eat in one of the on-site restaurants for dinner.

Well, it sure makes you a different person when you’re AI, I have to say.  Suddenly all these doors are open to you.  Every restaurant, every service, every everything.  It’s a little distressing.

CJ is definitely an AI girl.  She is able to happily take advantage of all the different services.  I’m not so good at this.  And, too, I don’t like spending all my time at the hotel.  I like getting out and about and meeting people in town and being a little more a part of the real life of a place and not just living in my hotel.  And, too, after some of the things I’ve seen in the AI culture in Jamaica, I’m more than a little turned off by the concept.

I’ll admit that the life doesn’t seem so smarmy and colonial here as it does in Jamaica, but it’s still a little not-me.  Breakfast was fine.  We had to be up and out early for our tour, so there weren’t that many people around.  Lunch was a little overwhelming.  Dinner?  Well, it was a whole new world.  Not unpleasant, just not what I’m used to.  We got lots and lots of enthusiastic attention — what with CJ being a blond and a fluent Spanish speaker and me being, well, not a blond and trying to learn Spanish — which resulted in shots of expensive tequila and some rich, creamy drink our waiter called a ‘Mayan Kiss’ … and the offer of some personal tutoring for me …  Really not what I’m used to.

CJ had fun today.  This is a way she’s accustomed to traveling, and she’d been missing her AI life all week.  She’s ready to buy in again next week; I’m still feeling a little iffy.  We’re going to go to Cozumel on Wednesday — our hotel has a sister location there — and we’ll probably buy day passes at that hotel, so I guess I’ll be gearing up for another of these kind of weird days, but that might be all I can manage.


2 thoughts on “AI Life …

  1. I can’t imagine staying at an AI kind of place. There is one in Telchac called the Reef Club, our neighbors were really enthusiastic about (they’re Yucatecan not gringos) but it was mediocre to me. It isn’t a Club Med sort of place since most of the visitors are Mexican. I have no interested in the culture or anything. I’d rather stay in a cheaper place so I could stay longer or eat better something.
    I have this fantasy about going to Veracruz and staying in one of the places where you hang your hammock on the beach under a palapa for maybe $50 mxp to stay the day and night. I think we may do that in April or May when it’s so hot here.
    Part of the whole experience is meeting the people and soaking up the whole experience.


  2. I’m with you, Theresa. My usual standard is what CJ would call “rustic” … even painfully so. I’m just not the big hotel type. I booked in here because she had a discount that let us have the two week for a rockbottom price, cheaper than I’d have paid for any of the accommodations being offered by the school, but I’m definitely a fish out of water here. Every day when I’m walking to or from school I see tiny little Casa de Huespedes that look much more my speed. Next time …


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