Road Trip, Part I

Today CJ and I took a half-day trip to see the Mayan ruins at Tulum.  I’ve seen photos of Tulum forever: Mayan temple high above a gorgeous beach.  It almost looks like something that can’t be real.  Yeah, and then we got there:

Um … can I just say … wow.

It’s really gorgeous at Tulum, and I’d been so hesitant about going, so I’m really glad CJ pushed me.  There were unpleasant things — way too many tourists for my liking, and none of them seeming nearly as reverent as I’d have liked them to be — but it was really a great trip.  I’m so happy I got to see this lovely, lovely place.  I wish there had been some quiet corner where I could have gone to sit and take it all in.  Places like this, I need to have the space to be contemplative.  There’s something sacred about them even if they aren’t temples and such, and to have people rushing past shrieking, “Look how close we are to the beach!” doesn’t have the right feel for my liking.  (Yes, yes, I’m a tourist-snob, I know.  I can’t help it.)

Just so gorgeous.  It was definitely worth the long ride down and any annoyance with the other visitors.  And I went on the Spanish-language tour with CJ because I thought that group would be smaller, and I was actually able to understand most of what our guide had to say, so I was pretty proud of myself!


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