Un Dia con Raymundo …

Hey, it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t written about Monday yet? Last week I had four classmates, one American, one Dane and two Canadians. The Canadians left on Sunday, so I knew my class would be very small on Monday. Well, it was smaller than I expected. I arrived at school only to find that a) my other classmates had chosen not to show up for the day and b) Andrés was being moved to a different class. I was a little surprised to be the only student, but more concerned to find I had no teacher. Well, not exactly no teacher, but that my new teacher, Marisol, wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday.

But then … Raymundo said, “Oh, Stacie, if it’s ok with you, I will teach you today, and you can start with Marisol tomorrow.”

(Oh, if it’s ok with me? You mean me, the woman who’s been admiring you from afar for the last week? Me? Yeah, I think it’s ok with me to have you tutor me privately for four hours. Yeah, I think I can manage. And this Marisol? Maybe she can skip the rest of the week, eh?)

So here are some things I realize after class with Raymundo:

  1. I would be making soooo much more progress if I had signed up for individual classes! I thought I’d enjoy being in a group, getting to talk with several people instead of shouldering the whole class on my own. Who was I kidding? I’m not a good sharer, and it’s been more than a little frustrating to have to wait for everyone else to figure out what’s going on so we can continue (yes, I am that obnoxious! … but it’s also true that I’m the strongest student in the class … how could I not be when one classmate skips to go scuba diving and another is emailing her friends and family back home during lessons?). Monday, even with the long stretches of casual conversation that we had in between learning new tenses, I covered more material than in three days last week! Yeah, so next time? Private lessons. Punto.
  2. Spanish has way more tenses than I was prepared for. Way more. Not that I thought it should just have three or anything, but there really are a lot. We haven’t even hit the imperative yet. And don’t talk to me about the subjunctive!
  3. Raymundo is even cuter up close and personal than he is when I just wave into the office on my way in and out of school.
  4. I need to be talking more. Learning the tenses isn’t so hard. That’s why we got through so much material on Monday. But remembering how to put them together, remembering the different conjugations — which one uses ‘haber’ in the imperfect, which one uses it in the future and all that — is the thing that slows me down. So I need a lot of practice. Good thing I have Martín to talk to when I get home 😉 .

Tuesday, my wayward classmates had returned, and we had to go back and start working through everything I did on Monday with Raymundo … and we didn’t finish going through that stuff until the end of class today … so that’s two days’ work I’ve missed. Feh.

So that’s a little annoying, but it’s cool. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ll continue to learn a lot, and I really like Marisol, and it was good to review the work — especially with the fun games Marisol had for us. If I do this again, it’s got to be one-on-one work, though. My Skype lessons and my day with Raymundo proved that to me.


2 thoughts on “Un Dia con Raymundo …

  1. Ha! Yes, somehow it’s just easier that way, isn’t it? But also I think the one-on-one just works so much better for me, especially because I was in a class of students who weren’t terribly serious about the lessons.


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