Fessing Up

So it’s time to finally come clean about an important aspect of this trip:  I’ve been sick nearly the whole time!  I’m always so proud of my ability to not get sick.  I’ve been to Mexico several times now, and — except for one bad night my first trip — I’ve never gotten sick here.  I eat from street carts and don’t get sick.  I just plain never get sick.  Until now.

From the day after my arrival I’ve been sick to my stomach.  I kept telling CJ that I have a low-grade case of turista, but I said that only jokingly, so certain that whatever I had would just go away.  It threatened our trip to Chichén Itzá, ruined my ability to truly enjoy some of the excellent food that’s been placed before me because I’ve only been able to take a few bites before feeling sick, and almost kept me from enjoying the nice night out CJ and I planned the other night.

And then yesterday I woke up and could barely move.  I called school to say I wasn’t coming in.  Then CJ suggested something novel: go to a doctor.  Oh, right, doctors.  What a concept.  There’s one here at the hotel, but I called school again and asked if there was one close to them or connected to them or whatever.  That way I could maybe only miss part of my class.  Sure enough, they have a guy they recommend to their students.  So off I went.

Lovely Lena, one of the beautiful German girls who works in the office at school, walked me over to the doctor and stayed with me.  Doctor Bernardo was great.  Cheap by my at-home standards, but not so cheap by what-I-plan-to-spend-on-vacation standards.  Really nice and helpful, though.  Couldn’t understand why I’d waited almost two weeks to come to see him (and neither can I, really).  Gave me a couple of shots, gave me a prescription for four different medicines and sent me on my way.  The pharmacy let me call in the order and delivered it to school.  (Although Bernardo said I couldn’t do that if he gave me a prescription for vicodin or valium!)

And today … I’m feeling about 467 times better.  I’m not back to well yet, but I feel soooo much better.


2 thoughts on “Fessing Up

  1. No wonder you’d been skipping lunches! I’m so glad you went to the doctor. I hope you’ll be able to better enjoy the rest of your stay. (How much longer, by the way?)


  2. I got back early this morning. I wish I’d had at least one more week of classes (two would have been even better, of course!) to feel more secure with everything I’ve learned. I’ve already signed up for classes this week with Martin and Gustavo so I don’t immediately start forgetting everything!


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