SOL: First Day

Overheard on the B65 bus this morning:

What time school starts, 8:20?”

“I start at 9:05. I got second period.”

“You went on Friday to get your schedule? I didn’t go.”

[sigh] “Damn. It’s only the first day and I already don’t want to be there.”

“Isn’t today a holiday? The start of Rosh Hashanah or something?”

“No, it’s Rommy … Ramdan … something Arab.”

“So, shouldn’t we have off?”

“What, you’re suddenly Arab?”

“No, but we get everyone else’s holidays off. Why not this one?”

(Two young women, maybe 16 years old.)

“Look at my shoes!”

“They’re nice shoes.”

“They’re for school.”

“Is this your first day?”

“I got a hat, too. I’m going to school.”

“Sounds like you’re ready for school this morning.”

“He’s been ready since July. Up every morning asking if it’s time for school!”

(A 3 or 4 year old talking to the woman beside him … and his mom chiming in at the end.)

It’s the first day of school! The streets were full of school buses, and my bus was full of school kids. Everybody with new bookbags, new shoes. New, shiny, off-to-school faces. I used to love and hate the first day of school … but mostly love. I was like that little boy: ready for school long before it was time to go. Some of that excitement was surely owed to the fact that the start of school meant my birthday was right around the corner, but it’s also true that I loved going to school. Even when I wasn’t a great student, I still liked school. Ok, not gym class so much, but still.

Classes for me don’t start for another couple of weeks, but staff orientation starts tomorrow. Then it’s registration and student orientation and then we’re off and running. Gotta love September!


7 thoughts on “SOL: First Day

  1. Lisa

    What is it that happens to make one kid dread school, even on the first day, but another kid can’t sleep for 2 months in anticipation? I suppose when we figure that out, we can hook them all!


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