It’s so rare that I can’t think of anything to say. Ask anyone who knows me. Take a look at my shamelessly long-winded posts. I’m a talker and proud of it.

Until now. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s gone wrong with me, why I can’t put two words together these last couple of weeks, why I feel so frozen. I’ve been watching all the speechifying at the conventions, spending a lot of time being appalled by Sarah Palin — the choice of her as VP running mate and the choices she has made — and I’ve been reading the papers and the online news, listening to people on the bus and train, listening to my friends and coworkers.

And I’ve been hearing about the PUMA crowd, wondering if the things I’d been hearing could really be true. Don’t know PUMA? It stands for Party Unity My Ass … and, according to all the talk, it’s a group of angry Clinton supporters who want to see McCain win so their candidate can run again in four years. And you know, that’s fine. I don’t begrudge them their right to so obsessively support a candidate that they would wish four painful, difficult years on our country simply so their candidate can run again in 2012. It’s not a position I would choose, but that’s just me.

What troubles me is all the racist stuff I’ve been hearing about the PUMAs. I thought it couldn’t possibly be true … then I found the video. I watched it (all three parts). I don’t, actually, recommend that anyone else watch it because it is unbelievably offensive and hateful. I’m adding a link to the pieces below for those who just have to see for themselves. I’m actually pretty shocked it’s still available. Silly me, I’d have thought it would have been pulled by now.

What surprises me about this video isn’t the anti-Islam raving; isn’t the depiction of blacks as anti-Semites; isn’t the decision to target Michelle Obama specifically; isn’t the depiction of Mrs. Obama as a fat, money-grabbing, Angry Black Woman; isn’t the audience member whose comments need to be subtitled because she is speaking Ebonics and is unintelligible; isn’t the white people in blackface; isn’t the fact that there are actual black people taking part in this disgusting production. None of the horrific ideas and images in this video surprise me. What surprises me is that we are here, that it’s 2008 and we’re here, with this video. That it’s 2008 and a group of people who could easily be people I know thinks it’s ok to make this video, thinks it’s funny, thinks it’s cutting edge, thinks it’s some kind of in-your-face look at ‘the issues’ presented by an Obama campaign/presidency.

Oh, I know: I’m naive. Totally. For all my cynicism, I’m God’s own naive girl. I know it.

But really. Blackface?

I’m talking now, but I’m still speechless. I really can’t believe that this video was made … and made by people who would have been ‘on my side’ if their candidate had come out of primary season as the party nominee. What on earth did we have in common before if this is who they really are? What could possibly be happening in their minds and hearts if they are capable of making this video?

I really can’t think of anything to say.


If you really must see it, I found all three bits together in a post on Rumproast. Kevin K. has the ‘trailer’ posted, too. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see Parts 1-3.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One thought on “Speechless

  1. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t need to add any ugliness into my life right now. I just don’t understand that attitude for ANY reason. I supported Clinton too but enough is enough. And, racism is just plain stupid. Sorry, I don’t know any other way to put it. It’s just stupid.


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