Girlgriot & Jay Smooth sittin’ in a tree …

I am in love with Jay Smooth. Have been for a while, but I’ve been keeping it to myself, trying to figure if it was just some high school crush that would pass if I left it alone long enough. No. This is the real deal. A LUV THANG … with big, balloon-y, psychedelic, day-glo letters.

What has inspired this gushing? Oh, every video of his I’ve seen, but today it’s mostly because of his “Haters’ Ball” piece. And it’s not just because he’s saying all this stuff I was feeling after Sarah Palin finished slinging her one-liners to the party faithful. It’s just that I’m still feeling so shut down by the bucket-loads of ugly that’ve been flying around lately, and Jay says all this stuff I think I might say if I was talking. (And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a cat guy and he’s cute. Yes, I went there. I’m shallow. What do you want? Like you’re not shallow sometimes!)

He’s not the only one to zero in on my Palin-fear, no. And it’s really not just about Palin. It’s just Jay. I loved his “No Homo” piece … and his piece on showing emotion … and fact-checking in the mailroom … and machine guns and stupid choices … and all the others I’ve seen. I’ve used his vlogs in class, and if that doesn’t tell you how excellent I think he is, you haven’t been paying attention.

And then I found his “Little Hater” bit … I mean come on, how’m I not going to love this guy when he’s talking from inside my brain? I’ve been silent for so long, not really back on this page since I got home from Mexico, and with every day that passes and I can’t pull anything from the crazy cloud of crap in my head, I start to think maybe I should just stop messing with this blog, maybe I’ve said everything I can possibly think of to say and I should just roll up my tent and go home. And then, like an early birthday gift from the gods of serendipity, here’s Jay reminding me about the Little Hater (or, as I like to call her, my Inner Mean Person).

So it’s time to bring my love out into the light. I haven’t gone through his entire archive (yet), but I know I’ll keep finding the good as I do. He makes me laugh and he makes me think and he gets it right … and that’s just way cool.


Your turn ...

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