It’s Us, Only Smaller

This has been a strange start-up in the wake of our major funding loss. September is always crazy, chaotic fun and utterly exhausting. That aspect isn’t so different this year. Having such a small program — cutting our 600-student capacity and staff nearly in half — is definitely different, however.

I had such a hard time getting ready for this. Working out the details of staff orientation, returning and new student registrations and orientations, class offerings … It has all seemed to drag and pull, as though I’ve been trying to breathe under water.

As much as I love getting back to school, I haven’t much wanted to get back this year. As long as we hadn’t gotten started yet, I could imagine we were our old selves — big program, big staff.

But no.


This week has been registration for returning students. And it’s been lovely to see so many of the students I love come in, ready to get moving toward their goals. So many kisses and hugs, all the catching up, all the surprises. Ardelia, who is still so young, became a grandmother two weeks ago. Jenny cannot stop smiling because she has — finally — gotten her work authorization. Blanca walks a little taller and prouder with her new GED under her belt as she comes in to make an appointment with a job counselor.

It’s a new year, and there is a lot of ‘new’ to get used to. But there are still quite a lot of ‘known knowns’ here. We’re still us, after all. More than a little battered, but still here.


3 thoughts on “It’s Us, Only Smaller

  1. Happy birthday? YES! New school year, new personal year. Sad to hear about the cuts. I’m afraid to hear more news like that with the economy crashing in its way. Let’s hope we have something to celebrate in November.


  2. Thanks, ladies! Bonnie, I love that you said “new personal year’ … I always think of my birthday as New Years Day. It’s when I make plans and set goals … sort of like resolutions, but not so dreamy and unrealistic.


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