Taking Stock …

This — the almost-end of summer — seems like a good time to take a look at the goals list I made mid-June and see how I’ve done. And so …

My goals for the summer were:

  1. finally finish unpacking and settle into my new digs — Well, I’m definitely not finished unpacking, but I’m way more unpacked than I was …
  2. set up my sewing/craft room in the basement — I’ve set up the sewing area in the basement, and I’ve organized my yarn and fabric and unpacked my jewelry-making supplies … there’s still a long way to go down there, though.
  3. make new dresses for summer (and plan for my Guadalajara wardrobe for fall!) — Guadalajara’s off the table, but I did make two dresses to take to Playa del Carmen, and I want to make a more for whatever my next trip’s going to be.
  4. decide if I’m doing a Spanish immersion course or going to Jamaica for vacation — um, yeah, this one I definitely did!
  5. WRITE FAIL! … no wait! I wrote a chapter for an anthology about women and literacy. I won’t know for a few weeks if it’s been accepted, but it definitely counts as writing!
  6. go down to visit my mom, aunt and sister at least once FAIL! [Sigh!] Totally didn’t manage to pull this off. Yes, my mom and sister came up to visit while T___ was here, but I still need to get down there. I haven’t seen my aunt since the spring.
  7. learn how to use my still-sorta-new camera — I took lots of pix in Mexico, but I have a lot more to learn about my camera.
  8. start working on a new Blurb book FAIL! nope … haven’t even logged onto the site. Maybe once I finally sort through the Mexico photos I’ll feel inspired.
  9. make time for wandering around and getting to know my new neighborhood FAIL! Thanks to walking Alfie and Butter a few times, I’ve seen more of my neighborhood that I would have seen on my own, but no, didn’t really make any time for this and really need to.
  10. have fun with T___ when she comes for rock camp — had an unmitigated fantabulous time when T___ was here.

That’s pretty excellent for me, I have to say. I’m generally quite the slug when it comes to goals lists, so 70% is great!


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