Sarah on my mind, or, sometimes I make lists …

Things that I can’t stop thinking about after Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate:

  • ‘Yer darn right.”
  • “Senator O’Biden …”
  • “I’m not one to attribute every activity of man to the climate change.”
  • “It’s gunna be ok.”
  • “Can I call you Joe?”
  • “How long have I been at this?  Like five weeks?”
  • “… a heck of a lot …”
  • “You betcha.”
  • “… up there in Alaska …”
  • “There you go again …”
  • “… starting to rear that head of abuse …”
  • “… and I respect you for that …”

Sarah Palin’s physical and verbal ‘ticks’ that make me gag:

  • Widening her eyes when she says things like ‘government-run’ as if they are synonymous with ‘vortex of evil.’
  • Smiling blankly into the camera when her opponent is speaking.
  • Winking into the camera, which means winking at me.
  • Reciting her memorized lines with pauses in the wrong places … as if she is pausing each time a line broke on her study sheets, rather than following the actual idea she’s supposed to be sharing with us.

And also one last reason I’d like oh so very much also to smack Governor Palin:

  • She uses the word ‘also’ far too much, uses it like punctuation also, pronounces it in a way that makes me gag each time I hear it also.

One thought on “Sarah on my mind, or, sometimes I make lists …

  1. Oh, do I have a card for you. I made up 5X7 cards that I send to my favorite Sarah critics. If you want to send me your address via email, I’ll send it off. I’ve sent out 5 of them. All of them are now proudly hanging off refrigerators or on mantels. And, this was before Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey’s imitation!!


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