“Hot for Teacher” Revisited

I had class with Martín the other night.  <sigh>  Yes, I am this ridiculous.  Can’t help it.  It’s his excellent voice, but also that he has a way of joking with me that’s just a little bit flirty, and it’s amusing to try to do that in Spanish … especially since I’m not terribly good at it in English.

Martín did most of the talking, which isn’t exactly how our classes are supposed to go, but I didn’t mind.  I’m still getting over my annoying, start-the-school-year-right cold, so it was easier to listen than to talk.  And, too, listening is good practice, and I can understand him almost perfectly … and he’s far less cheesy than Heridas de Amor.

I told him I’d started watching the novelas and why.  He was impressed, thought I’d chosen a great way to practice … then he started in on how unbelievably bad the Mexican novelas are.  Martín, if you recall, is in Guatemala, and he is a big fan of most things Guatemalan.  In the case of novelas, however, he recommends the ones from Colombia and even the dubbed Brazilian ones over the Mexican variety.  So I have surely lost some points in his esteem for admitting to watching anything as low-brow as Heridas, but at least I didn’t tell him how much I’m enjoying it!

I told him the melodrama was helpful. He agreed, and said the shows would also introduce me to a lot of idioms.  I hadn’t thought of that.  Would I even recognize them?  Maybe one day.

Martín says my Spanish is getting a lot better.  “I still remember that first lesson we had,” he says.  Well, I should hope so, since it was only a couple of months ago!  But I know what he means.  That first lesson was pretty amazingly painful.  I’ve definitely made progress since then.  Last week someone told me that I speak with a Mexican accent, which is funny, but really pleased me, too.

I’m glad Martín can hear a difference, but I still feel as if I’m losing ability with every day further out from Mexico … which feeling is directly connected to the arrival in my gmail inbox of an offer for a week in Cozumel for only $200 at the sister hotel of the place I stayed in Puerto Morelos.  And don’t I just need a week on the sunny Riviera Maya right now, sipping fruitilicious rum or tequila drinks and taking one-on-one lessons from a tutor?  “Need” doesn’t adequately describe the feeling … more like “crave.”

But I’m not going anywhere.  At least not at this moment.  I have a lesson with Gustavo on tap for tomorrow night, and that will have to do for now.


2 thoughts on ““Hot for Teacher” Revisited

  1. I definitely recommend teh Skype, Captain. I’m really enjoying myself. I’m sure the other tutors are excellent, too, but I’ll never know, since I only work with Gustavo and Martín (and am, obviously, gone on both of them). It’s true I started with a little bit of Spanish under my belt, but they say they will start with absolute beginners, too. I’d be curious to know how that would work.


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