And who is Beretta Hockey Palin?

Oh, that would be my big brother. No lie. Here’s an excellent bit of foolishness sent to me by Fox:

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

If Sarah Palin were our mom, my big brother would be Beretta Hockey Palin, and I’d be Halter Grasshopper.  Fox is luckiest of us all, though.  She’d be Commando Coalfire.  Oh yes, I am soooo jealous!

Who would you be?


4 thoughts on “And who is Beretta Hockey Palin?

  1. My Palin name is Bigger Channel Palin! I don’t even want to think about the fun the kids would have had with that one! Seriously, when I named my kids I tried to avoid any names that might have weird nicknames, initials that spelled rude stuff. Not that any of it really works, but I tried.


  2. aka Mopsy

    My name was too weird — Cuppa Invader Palin, but my nephew Y came back with Stinger Assassin Palin. My sister is Revolver Trooper Palin. Excellent.
    ~ Mopsy


  3. “Bigger Channel,” eh? Yeah, that would have been a pretty painful name to go through any school with! I have to say though, that I love “Stinger Assassin” … it might even be as good as “Comando Coalfire”!


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