SOL: Esperanza*

Seems we’re either hanging on a moonbeam’s coattails

or wishing on stars.

— John Hiatt, Buffalo River Home

I’m one of the sappy ones, one of those people who blows dandelion fluff, sings in the rain, recites “Lines and Squares” as she walks in the street, talks to the moon, wishes on the first star.

Lately, I’ve been giving my (very specific and detailed ) star wishes to Mr. My Next President.  Not that I don’t have faith that a majority of us can pull together and make this happen, but it can’t hurt to shore that up with my nightly wishes, can it?

Tonight I waited for the B11 bus with a young couple and their toddler son.  The little boy called out when he saw a star and said the “star light, star bright” wish intro.  I said it along with him, and his parents laughed.  When we got to the end of the rhyme, he wished for it to be Saturday already because that’s when he’s going to a friend’s birthday party.

His dad laughed again and looked at me.  “I’ll bet yours is more complicated,” he said.

Yeah, just a little.  Wouldn’t I love to go back to the easy ones, though?  Not because I’m suddenly wanting to be three years old again, but because it would mean all the big-bads were out of the picture, that I no longer needed to give my wishes over to the end of the war, to the creation of something resembling peace and normalcy in Darfur … to the health and safety of a man who has the nerve to be black and just two short weeks from maybe being elected president of this country.

I smiled at the dad as the bus pulled up.  “Definitely more complicated,” I said.


* Hope

4 thoughts on “SOL: Esperanza*

  1. I have a pit in my stomach. Literally. I have never been more nervous about an election in my 63 years. I don’t ever remember wanting a candidate to win more than I do Obama, and despite the polls..well, you know.

    I am not listening to one more program or pollster or talking head until this thing is over. I’m going to start star light, star bright and go find me a star.

    Did you get my card?


  2. Pat– I think you’ve got the right idea: radio silence is probably the only thing that will get me through the next week in one piece. I’m so frightened and discouraged by so much of what I’m hearing on the news.

    I got your card: she is displayed on my fridge, held up with a ‘cat butt’ magnet! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And can I just say, you should definitely be selling those. You’d have made a fortune by now!

    Inmate– I suspect we’d find a lot of similarities in our music collections! What is not to love about John Hiatt, eh?


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