Day 2: My Life as Art

Years ago, when I was painfully poor and couldn’t buy Christmas gifts for my family, I decided to write about each family member instead, to give each of them a story, or group of stories in which they were the central characters.  This plan proved to be a lot harder than I’d thought it would be.  It was surprisingly difficult to make up stories about them, particularly my aunt and my grandmother.  It was a challenge, but I got it done, and everyone received their “Your Life as Art” book on the day.  Some were better than others.  I think the ones about my brother were the most fully-realized.  For some reason, he was easier to see on paper than anyone else.

For my NaNo novel this year, I’ve had the probably not at all brilliant idea of writing about AC, writing my imagined version of his life story.  I’m not sure how much “I” will be in this story, but I’m sure that I will definitely not be wrapping this up and presenting it to him as a Christmas gift.  In any case, here I go with a new installment in the “Life as Art” series.

One thing I’m realizing as I start writing though (made it up to 2900 words yesterday!), is that there is so much I don’t know about AC.  For all the time we’ve spent talking, how is it possible that there are basic, small-talk things I don’t know about him?  That’s surprising and also sad.  Yes, it leaves lots of room for me to fill in fictional details, which is what this writing is all about, but what does it say about my actual relationship with AC?

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