Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk …

… you got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gon to have a dream come true?

Yeah.  I got to sing that in high school when I played Bloody Mary in South Pacific, but it fits so perfectly with where I’ve been these last couple of days.

Tonight I got the most beautiful email from my most beautiful mother:

Hi my dear, dear children,

Giving birth to all 3 of you has always been the most wonderful, awesome thing that has ever happened to me, and now a 4th that I could not believe was possible or that I would live to see it has happened: We have an African-American president. I cried when I voted at 7:15 a.m. that morning, and in the evening I attended the democratic party at _______, and when it was announced that Obama had won, I cried again. We all screamed, cried, hugged strange people, danced, and did it again. It will be so wonderful to have a man as president who is downright smart and intelligent and with feelings for the people. 8 years of being led by stupidity was quite enough.

I am so glad I left my comfort level of not being able to talk politics with people and joined the Obama headquarters in talking to people across the nation that I did not know, especially in Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and a lot of them were republicans. Sometimes it was hard to have people call me names, but it was worth it when I talked to people who were supporters. I will do it again whenever I feel the candidate is worth the office.

President-elect Barack Obama has given me so much hope that I believe all things are possible. He came out of nowhere, except for that speech in 2004, but we didn’t hear from him again until he decided to run. I didn’t believe it was possible, and I worried about his safety the entire time he campaigned.

I prayed every night for him and his wonderful family, and now I’m praying for him to prove he can do the job and for his and his family’s continued safety. I’m going to be on my knees for him almost as much as I am for my family.

For almost 2 months, every day I have worn my cap with Obama buttons covering it, and my jacket always had a button and usually I had an Obama shirt. Everywhere I went, I was making a statement, and I was so proud of it. Now I feel naked without them. I’ll have to think of another cause to push.

I just wanted to share this amazing feeling I’m having, and I don’t think I’ll be over it for quite a while. It’s all so new and wonderful.

Yes, exactly.  This, of course, made me cry some more.  I’ve been crying (and laughing and feeling so happy I could spontaneously combust) for nearly 48 hours.  There’s definitely a Fizzy Lifting Gas component to this whole making history thing!


6 thoughts on “Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk …

  1. inmate1972

    Love you mother’s letter!

    I have to admit it, I bawled my eyes out on election night. fell of the garage roof when I was 10 and broke my arm in 3 places but never shed a tear! Tuesday night however had me sobbing like you wouldn’t believe.

    Part stress relief, part joy, part pride, all real. I find myself still getting choked up.


  2. I think my favorite part is her comment about leaving her comfort zone and talking about politics. This is so big. My parents were so strict about not voicing your political views. I always felt it was somehow a holdover from the McCarthy era, but that just never seemed right, timing-wise. In any case, although her politics have always been clear to me, she has rarely discussed them. This is such an amazing thing that she’s done. I hate the idea of people being mean to her when she made her calls, but I love that she did it.


  3. Now we know where you got your gift of words.

    Love your mother. How awesome that she stepped out of her comfort zone to try something new and uncomfortable. We, as humans, tend to avoid the new when we get to a certain age, preferring to stick with what we know, where we’re safe.


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