This quiz explains everything!

So now the whole zombie thing is making sense to me. I scored 24% on that quiz, remember? And now I know the rest of the story.  First I watched this:

… and then of course I went right over to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute site and took the quiz.

Seventy-six percent.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Obviously I’d know a lot more about civics if I wasn’t wasting my time worrying about the zombie apocalype!  But wait, does that mean our elected officials have a 54% chance of surviving the zombies?

I’m sad about my 76.  I second guessed myself on a couple of answers, too, but even if I’d left my original answers, my score still wouldn’t be as high as I’d like.  And surely Fox is shaking her head and looking at me ‘with cold disapproval’ right now. Alas.  Maybe now that I’ve given up any hope of surviving the zombies, I can devote myself to a fuller understanding of civics …


2 thoughts on “This quiz explains everything!

  1. I got a 72% and I’m surprised that I didn’t do far worse.

    But I really came by to say that your comments have been very touching.
    I learn from you as well. The respect you have for your students and the ways and spaces in which they learn motivates me to do right and do better.


  2. aka Mopsy

    85% – I’m dancing around my house right now, celebrating the fact that I outscored my buddy – the GED teacher. Even better, while the zombies are eating my head, I can educate them on the bay of pigs.


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