Taking this show on the road.

After much unnecessary drama, I have run away from my awful round with the flu (yes, still sick!) and arrived in Maryland for Thanksgiving!

My mother lives in Maryland.  She has lived in a lot of places since I moved out of her house years and years ago: Connecticut, Colorado, back to Connecticut, and then four different parts (and five different houses) of Maryland.  I say all of this to say how ingeresting it is to me that whenever I visit her, I tell people I’m going ‘home’ even though none of these places is a place that I grew up, a place that I lived, a place that I think of as home.  But if I’m going to my mother’s house, I’m going home.  No matter where she lives, the moment I get there, I become my most real self, my most relaxed self.

So I’m home for the holiday.  Hope everyone’s having a fabulous day!


3 thoughts on “Taking this show on the road.

  1. molly

    I hope you don’t mind me dropping in on your blog. I like your blog name a lot. I ran across your blog because I was looking for a Hughes poem, which you had posted and commented on.
    I teach English in Naples, Italy. I hope you have a very good Thanksgiving.


  2. Thanks, Bonnie– Hope you and Tuvia had a great holiday! How’d you do with your novel?

    Hi, Molly– Thanks for checking out my blog. I’d love to hear more about your teaching in Naples … do you have a blog?


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