I wasn’t going to mark the day …

I let Tuesday pass without mentioning it.  I did that on purpose, thinking I ‘should’ or something.  I mean, right now we’re supposed to be all post-racial and everything.  As if.

Well, it’s Friday, and I’m still thinking about Tuesday.  Tuesday, November 25th, marked two years since the murder of Sean Bell.  And six month since the acquittal of the policemen who killed him.

And I still can’t put it down.  Yes, at the beginning of this month we elected an African American man to the highest office in the land, and yes, I’m still thrilled as I can be about that, still hopeful, still amazed, still able to tear up at the thought of it.  But it doesn’t change that we still live in this world, in the place where a young black man can be shot fifty times and yet no one is held accountable.

So I didn’t mark the day, but I’m sorry I didn’t.  Even in my happiness over the results of the presidential election, it’s not okay to lose sight of something like this.


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