SOL: Cookies!!

I have become a one woman cookie machine!  I’ve been backing since Thursday night.  Am I done?  I’m not sure.

First there were the dozens of ginger snaps so that I’d have my bit to add to the holiday cookie exchange that was set to take place upstairs last Friday.

Then there were more ginger snaps to take to a friend’s party on Saturday night.

Then there were even more ginger snaps, joined by molasses crinkles, snickerdoodles and some hazelnut-chocolate chunk things I wound up not liking at all.  This massive batch was to bring to work today for gifts for my co-workers.

Thirty-one dozen cookies!!  Had you asked me last week, I’d have told you I wasn’t capable of baking thirty-one dozen cookies.  No way.  And yet here I am.  Am I done yet?

Unclear.  Tonight I made toffee brownies and if I could stay awake I’d make some more snickerdoodles.

Maybe in the morning …

3 thoughts on “SOL: Cookies!!

  1. Lisa

    Sounds yummy! I make loads of gingersnaps in December, but I don’t make them any other time of year. I made Egg Nog cookies yesterday and they are really yummy! I am sure I have never made 31 dozen in a month though. 🙂


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