3 thoughts on “Onto the next!

  1. Mercedes

    Hermanita de Brooklyn:

    I started this new year organizing my underwear drawer and putting cd´s back into their boxes. Now I almost know what I have and where it is. Almost…

    Seems like a good way of starting the year. Specially with underwear, somehow so close to intimacy, inner ears and outside hearts.

    And with cd´s, somehow so close to ears, heart and intimacy. And underwear too, when one is naked and hears things differently.

    I once dreamed about playing Tristan and Isolde only with a skirt. And have had other dreams that have to do with music and skin and smells and thoughts and flavours, colours and laughters and tears. That´s the great part about aging.

    Some cd boxes ran away. Of course they did. Years without a home makes anyone want to run and search for a safe place to keep going. So only the music stayed and the covers dissapeared. Just like with other topics in life.

    Some of this music was my shelter when I travelled to Banff to write in the middle of snow for seven weeks. I had never been in such a cold and wonderful forest ever.

    The silence was a blessing, specially after living half a century in one of the noisest and most alive cities of the world. We are loud in this country, that´s for sure.
    That´s why organizing underwear drawer while listening to Mozart or Zigala or Bruckner in silence is a very intimate start with my own thoughts and guts. Happy new year y muchos abrazos con música!


  2. I’m waiting for my family today to celebrate Chanukah. I know it’s over but the snow ruined us on the first Sunday. So far, so good for today. I just finished a nice vodka/cranberry to be happily prepared. How about that?
    Off to the races and the new year!


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