SOL: Lost Weekend

No, I didn’t drink it into oblivion like Ray Milland (though, that might be a plan for future weekends).  Instead I just kind of forgot about Saturday¹.  Which meant that when I woke up this morning I was so happy to realize I had the holiday off.  I got up, I read for an hour, I worked on the present I’m knitting for a friend, I went online and (finally) ordered the replacement bits I need for my computer, I put on some music and sang my way through whipping up a pan of mac-n-cheese.

And then I put said macaroni casserole into the oven, turned off the stereo and turned on the radio … and discovered that today is, in fact, Tuesday, not Monday.  Right.  And by then it was 10:30 and I was 90 minutes late for work.  Right again.

So not cool.  So not the way I wanted to start this week.  So not the note on which I wanted to end my very pleasant long weekend.

Here’s hoping I have my act a little more together for the rest of the week …


¹    Why do I flag Saturday as the lost day?  Because Saturday was the do-nothing, laze around recovering from a surprisingly exhausting work week day.  Sunday I was out and about.  Sunday there was housework and errands.  Monday, too.  So they felt like weekend days, not like a time out in the land of brain dead inactivity.


10 thoughts on “SOL: Lost Weekend

  1. Yeah, not the best way to start a week.

    At least this week’s a shorter one, so hopefully it won’t be as draining.

    (I find myself surprised by you cooking up a mac and cheese casserole in the morning. Was it planning ahead for lunch? The most I manage to cook in the morning is oatmeal.)


  2. No MLA format, Tisha, please! Brings back too many memories of grad school term papers! 🙂

    Yeah, that was a crazy way to start my work week. Fortunately, we don’t have classes this week, so I didn’t have a room full of students waiting for me. Equally fortunate is the fact that I have a very wonderful boss. She wasn’t happy with me, but she didn’t take my head off, either.

    Oh, the macaroni and cheese. Yeah, I didn’t tell the rest of the story because it was just too pathetic: I was making the mac and cheese to bring to work today to share with the folks who will be working new student registration (I make a mean mac and cheese, if I do say so myself!). I had to wait for it to finish baking before I could leave for work, and when I took it out of the oven, one of my bad-bad kitten-boys tried to jump in! In my effort to stop him, I took one hand off the foil pan … and it collapsed and spilled the whole thing all over my feet (ouch!) and the floor.

    (And the footnote? All credit where it’s due: I totally stole the inspiration from Alejna. She makes hilarious use of them on a regular basis.)


  3. Ha! Thanks, Gwen. That made me laugh out loud. I’ll think I try again tonight when I get in from class. Always such hard choices when I get home: cook? make lesson plans? have a drink? write? pass out because I’m dead on my feet and need some sleep already? Decisions, decisions …


  4. I haven’t done that on a workday but I have woken up after a nap and thought it was the morning of the next day and I’d slept through all sorts of important stuff.

    It’s probably on eof those things that’s embarrassing but a funny story later.


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