Snow Day!

… but I mean, really, snow day?

I grew up in northern New York, in an area where every fall and winter came replete with snow on top of our snow.  We almost never got a day off from school.  There had to be something cataclysmic on the horizon for us to get a snow day.  Most kids walked to school and I guess the prevailing wisdom was that, with no worry about school bus accidents, we could trek through the snow and be at school on time.

What this translated into was a lot of soaking wet kids walking around school in their socks.  We’d make the walk through knee-high snow, dump our boots in our lockers and spend the morning with wet pants and wet feet.  Couldn’t have been any too healthy, but there we were.

So when I heard the radio this morning saying schools were closed, when my assistant called me to say the schools were closed, I couldn’t help but think: “Really?  For this?”  It’s not nothing, what we have on the ground today, but is it really snow day worthy?

But maybe this is just my sour grapes talking.  Classes at my night job are canceled and the Ed Center’s been closed all day.  Classes at my day job are canceled, too … but here I am at work.  My parent organization is a hospital, and as HR is always quick to remind us before every big storm, we don’t close down just because the weather’s bad.  So here I am.   It’s not so bad, of course, but I wouldn’t have said no to the snow day!


7 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Hi Griot,

    I found my here via Little Lov’n Monday Tisha told us she has been reading your blog for a while, so I had to come by because Tisha is cool people. If she’s here, I knew I’d be reading here, too.

    I’m in Michigan. I know snow. Your post made me laugh and you took me back.

    I’ve read a couple of pieces. Actually I’ve been busy exploring. Tisha is right. You write well, you’re funny and informed. Everything I like and admire.

    Will be back. Thanks for the good reads. Oh, I’ve linked you to both my blogs. I hope you come by. I’m always trying to connect with cool people.


  2. Oh dear, good point, Chris!

    Hi, Susan–
    Thanks for following Tisha’s lead over. I’ve been reading her blog for a while, too. Took a quick look around on your page, and I’ll definitely be back. I have to thank Tisha for making the connection!


  3. Ray

    My boyfriend lives in Tennessee but is from Michigan. He spends most of the winter laughing at the amount of snow days they have in Tennessee for just a few snowflakes. He often tells me that you don’t know snow until you’ve spent a winter up North. I’ll take his word for it.


  4. I hear you–I’m Canadian–and back in the day we got LOADS more snow…global warming, thinning ozone…now the weather’s just bezerk. But it’s a good reason to stay home and write haiku…nice to meet you! We need to start a “group” for black women bloggers who prefer “Misty Sadish” (see Missinpiece, The Bottom of Heaven, and I’m over at Fledgling…)


  5. Yeah, I feel like they close schools for the tiniest bit of snow in this area (PA). And I resent it because I end up having to work when all of my friends, who are teachers, get a day off. Boo!


  6. Boo! is right, Gwen. I was so jealous of my public school teacher-friends who were home yesterday!

    I’m enjoying the snow, though, I have to say. It has stayed pretty into its second day, which is unusual around here. It’s the only real snow we’ve had all season, so I can’t complain too loudly. I’m not even so worried about falling because I bought some excellent ice cleats for the bottom of my boots. Now I can tramp around on ice and snow without fear!


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