Taking my show on the road …

I’m heading to Providence this afternoon for the 6th annual WE LEARN conference.  This year we’re focusing on developing leadership — in our students, in ourselves.  Tomorrow night we’re having a reading of student writings on transformation and the release party of Empowering Women Through Literacy ¹.  I’m excited about the book because it’s a great way to get WE LEARN’s name out and get people (you know, the four who buy the book!) talking about women’s literacy … but also because Chapter 13 is mine!  Yes, really.  And about a quarter of another chapter is mine, too.  I’ve been a little quiet about it because it hasn’t exactly seemed real, but now it’s coming out so I can’t really be in denial about it any longer!

I’m happy to be going to Rhode Island.  I can use the mini-break from my office, and I love, love, love the ladies of WE LEARN.  I always have a wonderful time when I go to these conferences.  There are few things that are more affirming and fun.


¹  Let me be the first to say, however, that this book is stupidly over-priced.  Not that the writing in the book isn’t valuable, interesting, important … but cloth for more than $70?  Get real.  I find the pricing offensive.  Maybe even moreso because none of the writers will see a penny of the profits.  Ok, don’t get me started!


13 thoughts on “Taking my show on the road …

  1. WOW–congratulations! Just last night Edi (Crazy Quilts) and I were trying to come up with a panel proposal for the 2010 Princeton conference on Diversity in Libraries…I’m thinking of something to highlight the ways traditional publishers often fail to consider the needs of alternate learners in our communities, and I told Edi about you and how you no doubt had to develop strategies to find material for your students…and now you’ve got a book! The pricing suggests they expect libraries to acquire the book, and I’m sure they will–esp schools with education programs. Can you tell us more about your particular chapter?


  2. How exciting! And I’m sorry the publishers are price gouging! Why won’t the writers get any of the profits?
    I, too, would love to hear more about your chapter and I’ll definitely look for it in the library. Have fun in Providence!


  3. I think it is exciting that your chapter is in the book. You are right, though — not a casual purchase. Maybe it will get picked up by a college professor, though, right?


  4. I am so excited for you! Congratulations on getting published. I can’t say I’m surprised as I enjoy your writing immensely. Have fun at We Learn! I’ve never heard of the program before but it sounds intriguing. Anything that encourages women to read books (other than Twilight) is alright by me.


  5. Thanks, everyone. I’ve finally arrived in Providence — wound up changing my train reservation three times because I just couldn’t get out of the office! So my plan for a relaxing late afternoon/evening went out the window, but I’m here and I ran into a couple of friends when I reached the hotel, so I walked in with kisses and hugs. My kind of welcome.

    I’m really excited to get to the conference tomorrow. I’m on the board of WE LEARN, so I have to be at the university at the crack of dawn to help with set up. It’ll be a full, fabulous day!


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