Tonight was the reading for Women’s Perspectives, the journal of student writings WE LEARN puts out each year.  This year’s book was particularly fantastic.  Thirteen of the women from the book were in Providence tonight to read.  I had the distinct honor of being MC, which was fun.

Tonight was also the release of The Book, and that was fun, too.  After the reading, a bunch of the authors sat around autographing each other’s books.  And that was way fun.

I was quiet about the book before, but now that I’ve seen it, now that it’s real, in my hands … I’m so happy.  That’s me in there on page 65.  Me.  And that might be the most fun-est of all!


4 thoughts on “Limelight!

  1. Please sign and send me two copies. Drop me an e-mail where I can send you payment. Let me know if you accept installments. 🙂

    Congratulations! It is exciting to see your work in print.


  2. literacyspark

    That’s wonderful! Good for you. Maybe Stacey and Ruth will get us all together to write a book with Slices and such….


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