Winding Down

It’s done.  We’ve pulled off another wonderful conference.  We’d been so worried that the sinking economy would mean a much reduced attendance, and I think we did have fewer people than we might have liked, but more than we expected.  We changed up the order of events this year from the pattern we’ve had the last couple of years, and I think it worked really well.  We had more students at this year’s conference than ever before, and they were active and enthusiastic participants.  We had fabulous presenters both days,.  We had last night’s truly outstanding reading and books-signing, and …

… and I am so beat, I can hardly remember my own name!

Tomorrow’s the last bit: our first board meeting of the new year, lunch on the town with a friend and then off home.  For now, it’s time to sleep!

My favorite moment?  There were so many great moments this year, but I think my favorite was at the very end of the day today.  We end the conference with everyone sitting in a giant circle and people say things they learned, felt, loved, will take away, whatever.  Today, right at the end, one of the students sang a song she’d written about how it felt to be illiterate.  The whole room got into it with her.  It was beautiful and amazing.

On to the new year!


4 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Welcome home. I am in my conference mode at yesterday was a great one for our Hudson Valley Writing Project. What a way to spend a glorious Saturday morning and then get home and write a slice. I think a beat you with my Saturday Slice by just a few minutes.
    Have a great Sunday even if we lose an hour. We are gaining more sunshine in the afternoon.


  2. elliottzetta

    Have you or your students seen the film version of PUSH? Somehow I can’t bring myself to see it, though I teach the book…congrats on a successful, meaningful conference experience.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time. Our county does not participate in Writing Project and there are very few opportunities state wide to even attend writing conferences. I can’t wait to hear more of your experience.


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