Is it just me?


 … or couldn’t we all use a vacation right about now?  I am battling both a bad cold and a serious jones for Jamaica today. 

This is Ray, a lovely older man I met my first day in Negril.  I was staying at a fabulously rustic and homey place called “Roots Bamboo” right on the beach.  My first night there, I walked out to the bar/restaurant and there was Ray, playing his guitar and singing a blues song. Later, he sang what I learned was his signature song: The Big Bamboo. Yeah. It means what you think it means.

She likes the big bamboo, big and tall.
Big bamboo, she said, not small …

You get the idea. It’s a very funny, very bawdy song, all the verses full of thinly-thinly veiled references to said bamboo.

Later that night, after seeing a stage show down the beach, I was walking back to Roots and there was Ray, sitting outside a shop on the sand, playing his guitar. I was walking with Jacko, the man who painted the pictures behind Ray. We sat with Ray for a while, listening to his songs, talking. Ray was nice enough to let me take a couple of pictures of him, and I was glad to get Jacko’s paintings in the shot, too.

I can’t believe it’s more than a year since my last trip to JA.  Clearly something’s gone awry with my planning and priorities.  Time to get to work on that!


4 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. chlgmz

    My brother had a Jamaican roommate in college. He loved having vacation time to fly back home. Although I had never before heard the Jamaican independence song I have now and I love it.


  2. gnomespeak

    He looks like such a nice guy. The kind of nice guy that you could have a beer with and could make your name into a bawdy song. I like him.


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