And I knew him when …

Tonight after class Damian, one of the youth counselors, shared with me an idea he’s been discussing with Jeovany.  Damian talks with Jeovany even more than I do, and has heard many of Jeovany’s amazing stories.  As of tonight, he is pushing Jeovany to start writing those stories down, to start thinking seriously about writing a memoir.  I’m fascinated by this idea, of seeing one of our students really focus on a project like this.  And Jeovany makes an excellent candidate.  He has a history that is more terrifying, heart-rending, and edge-of-your-seat amazing than most of the published ones I’ve read in the last few years.  And he has enough material to fill about ten volumes.  And he’s only 22.  I love the thought of him finding a way to put it all on paper.  I love the fantasy of seeing him complete this project and having the luck to get it in print.  And I love knowing that he would want my help, that I would get to work with him to help him break through the different walls he has that keep him from writing.  I’m trying not to get too excited.  So many things could happen that could stop this train from leaving the station, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


6 thoughts on “And I knew him when …

  1. literacyspark

    This would be an amazing opportunity for him. If anyone can get him to do it it’s you. I can tell from you’re blog you’re not the kind of woman who gives up easily!


  2. Hello Girl G,

    I just finished a unit of study on writing memoirs with my students, and one of the things that really hooked them was reading some excerpts from some really powerful writers. Maybe you could offer him a mentor if he finds that he can’t seem to start, or one when things seem too dicey to put down. Or…I’m sure that your being his sounding board might just be all of the help that he needs.


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