I’d say that I have spring fever …

No, I’m not as restless as a willow in a windstorm, nor as jumpy as a puppet on a string.  What I am is teary and sniffly and sneezy and swollen.  Yes, I am just as attractive as I sound.  I’ve been crying all day with a non-stop allergy attack that doesn’t want to respond to Claratin.  (I really need to have a talk with my body about this refusal to be affected by drugs.)

As a kid, I don’t think I had any allergies.  I think I started developing them when I was 17 or 18.  The first one I recognized was chicken coops.  Really.  When I was a camp counselor, my first barn job was taking care of the chickens.  I’d go into the coop to clean it, to feed the hens, to collect eggs … and I’d come out with a swollen face and a runny nose, gasping for air.  Ok, it probably wasn’t the chicken coop itself, but more like the chicken equivalent of cat dander or something like that.  Comically, I wasn’t the one who figured out I had an allergy.  No, I just kept going to tend the chickens twice a day, spending about half an hour recovering after each session.  One of the campers pointed out the obvious problem at the end of the first week.  I switched to sheep and goats.

Then came my flower allergies.  Walking under the gorgeous wisteria arbor on campus my freshman year in college nearly sent me to the ER.  When one of my college friends got married, she actually had me visit her florist to br tested.  The florist put me in an empty room and brought in vases of flowers, one type at a time, to see what kind of reaction I had.

And then there are all my food allergies.  Peanuts? Strawberries?  Shrimp?  No, I could eat them all day and night, no problem.  Try carrots, apples, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots, cherries, almonds … the list goes on and on.  The latest addition is walnuts.  I’ve eaten them all my life, but suddenly a few years ago, they stopped being my friend, started closing my windpipe.

Cruelest, I think, is my newly-minted allergy to cats.  And you’re thinking, “Wait, doesn’t she have cats?”  Yes.  Two.  And every few weeks I pay for that folly.  Like walnuts, I never had a problem with cats until now.   After my last cat had to be euthanized, I swore off pets.  I stuck to that decision for about a year.  In that time, my house became hair and dander free.  Then I walked into the house of a friend who has four cats, three of which are long-haired.  And I nearly died.  From that moment forward, I’ve been allergic.  Foolishly, I thought that getting cats would actually make the allergy go away, that my body would get used to them.  And I’ve been mostly right.  I can go a couple of weeks without an attack, but when it hits, it doesn’t mess around.

And, of course, there are my season-change allergies … to whatever it is that gets me at the start of both spring and fall.  It seems early for the spring allergy to be hitting, but two days in a row of crying and sniffling can’t be denied.  Lovely.  Excuse me while I go find a new box of kleenex.


6 thoughts on “I’d say that I have spring fever …

  1. You sound like my good friend who I talked to on the phone today. She sounded horrible. So I can hear your pain. She also has slowly picked up many strange food allergies as she’s gotten older. I hope you start feeling better soon.


  2. If anything, springtime poses an even bigger challenge for me. The lengthening days seem to trigger a hormonal change. It hit me like wildfire around March 1 this year. Practically overnight, my body sloughed off its sluggishness. I wanted exercise. I needed stimulation, and more contact with my friends. My libido increased. After months of feeling relatively content about my single lifestyle, I suddenly craved romance.


  3. Even with those allergies you were very busy catching up on my blog. LOVED all the comments!
    As for allergies, I get something usually in the spring and then again in the fall. I always feel sorry for myself, but this year I’m going to get beyond myself and feel some compassion for YOU


  4. That happened to me with my cats. And food. I can eat something I’ve had throughout my life, then suddenly I’m having an asthma attack and I’m all itchy. And bananas? They terrify me. I get asthma attacks so bad I load up on Benadryl and hope that I don’t end up in shock.

    The best allergy medication I’ve tried is Zyrtec. Especially with regard to my cats. Claratin does nothing for me. Unfortunately I’m one of the 2% who gets severe orthostatic hypotension in response to Zyrtec, so no more for me. 😦 Singulair really helps with my asthma. I hardly need a rescue inhaler anymore.


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