This must be April Fool’s Day …

… because if it weren’t, I wouldn’t be writing about the Academy of American Poets’ challenge to write a poem a day for the month of April.  Yes, because not only would I be remembering that I barely survived the post-a-day challenge of March, I would be remembering that I’m not a poet.  I would be remembering that even posting 30 poems by other people got to be a bit of a chore last year.  And still …

It’s National Poetry Month.  Last week I was thinking I was too beat to post a poem a day, or maybe that I’d do the whole month on one poet — all Berryman all the time, maybe.  Then last night I finally clicked on the link that’s been flashing in my email for days and read about this challenge for April.  Yes, that’s right: I’m too exhausted to copy and paste my favorite poetry all month long but I — a woman who is so absolutely not a poet — am going to write. a. poem. every day for thirty days?  Am I serious?  Maybe I am.

So … Anyone feel like joining me on this odyssey?  Anyone feel like sponsoring my craziness?  I imagine that pledgers will be on the hook for ten (non-consecutive) days of poetry at most.  Ten would, in truth, be amazing.  The poetry itself will, of course, be poor.   My usual heavy-handed, swollen-heart emoting and such like.  Sounds like fun, right?

Let’s get started.  I’m still trying to find my way into the Tanka.  I’m not sure why, but I feel this form is a good one for me, more room than the haiku, but not too much room …

Tanka for One

I am missing love,
wanting that internal sigh.
I’m walking alone,
holding my breath in the dark,
my heart both closed and open.


Want to see how it’s done when it’s done right?  The unfathomably gorgeous and talented Sister Nikki has a new book out.  I was browsing it at the bookstore last week and will definitely be picking it up this weekend.

10 thoughts on “This must be April Fool’s Day …

  1. Griot Girl,

    I’m in. I’m doing the 30 day challenge at readwritepoetry and if I survive, I’m simultaneously doing the Poetry Asides challenge (same thing with a daily theme).

    Check out my first brain fart.


    1. Hey, I liked your poem! I know we’re only a couple of days in, but so far I’m having fun. I’ve been writing my tankas on the bus on the way to work, which kind of transforms my commute into something new. I hope I can keep it up.


  2. snowflakes6

    beautiful poem….I support you all the way and I will be cheering you on.

    My poetry skills are ZERO! I will hopefully have enough strength to Join Stacey and Ruth’s one week poetry challenge this April.

    I look forward to reading more of your poems.

    Thanks again for all the comments on my posts.


    1. Thanks, Ashley! And you know, if I can write poetry … really, truly anyone can write poetry. Seriously.

      Actually, I hate it when people say “If I can, anyone can” because it’s so obviously not true and often makes the other person feel bad. But I used to have such a terror of writing poetry and would certainly never have shared it (and never in ‘public’ like this!). But then when I started teaching adult literacy classes, I started writing with my students and it completely changed my feelings about writing poetry. My poetry isn’t great. I write one now and then that I really like, but mostly they’re so-so at best. But playing with language in this way has become fun for me, so I encourage everyone to try it. I look forward to reading your poems during Stacey and Ruth’s challenge later this month!


    1. I can see it now Cap’n Steve: everyone in the writing workshop with their hands over their faces shouting, “My eyes! My eyes!” I bet you could surprise yourself and find your hidden poet!


  3. juliebrock

    ooooo, a poet I am not, but I’ll see if I can’t do a little bit. I like *your* poetry, and am looking forward to each day 🙂

    Like the tanka for one, perfect title. There is such a clear tone and picture with the paradox in the last lines. Bravo.


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