Just came back from Sunday night shopping at Fairway … always a mistake to go on Sunday nights.  Always.  Maybe I’m just prone to shopping cart rage, but I really think it’s Sunday night at Fairway.  Instead of smacking any of the smack-worthy people in the store, I put my bad mood into today’s tanka:

as if you, only, matter
blind to everyone
you blink, register surprise
each time you knock against me

Maybe I should title this one my ticked-off tanka?


10 thoughts on “Cranky

    1. It comes close some days, Zetta, I can tell you! It is only the fact that I’m in the store with my friend that saves many unsuspecting (rude) shoppers! Everyone should be so glad Mopsy is my always-companion at Fairway!


    1. I have since been in a couple of other situations where handing out a little note card printed with this tanka would have gone a long way toward making me feel better. I’m still considering it!


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