Making a Splash

Tisha and Zetta, have been so kind as to give me a Splash Award:


The Splash award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring blogs.   Tisha and Zetta are both ‘splashy’ (surely a word that needs more use!).  In addition to their many other attributes they are part of a community of women of color bloggers, a community into which they have introduced and welcomed me (thank you, ladies).  So I’m sending them both a reciprocal splash.

As always, I am not so much following the rules with this.  For one, I changed the award image.  I had this mermaid saved on my computer, and she seemed a little more … uh … dynamic and dramatic than the original, so I made the switch.  (Hey, at least I spared you one of the photos from my last turn in the Mermaid Parade!)

This is one of those ‘pay it forward’ awards, so I need to make some nominations of my own.  This part is hard.  Obviously, I think all the blogs I read are highly splashy.  All have amused, bewitched, impressed or inspired me.  All of them deserve more attention (and far more traffic than my quiet little blog can send their way).  But I’ve chosen just a scant half dozen to highlight:

  • reverie, wanderlust + love notes — Miss B’s honesty and clarity teach me.
  • Be Gay About It — Erika makes me laugh, makes me rage, makes me think …
  • Single for a Reason — Pat’s images, words and sense of humor please and inspire me.
  • Formerly Fun — Chris cracks me up, blows my mind, makes me cringe. (You read the Manzilian posts and try not to cross your legs!)
  • Bravestar — Aichlee reminds me that I need to keep going where my writing is taking me.
  • Gnomespeak — Captain Steve gives me a weird separated-at-birth feeling sometimes, which freaks me out … but charms me, too.


The rules for the splashed:

Post the logo (… or, well, you know … a logo …).
Link back to the one who splashed you.
Choose some folks to splash (no more than 9).
Let folks know they’ve been splashed by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Happy splashing, y’all!

11 thoughts on “Making a Splash

  1. You are welcome, you so deserve it! I have missed you stopping by, it gets lonely without fellow slicers.

    I am enjoying the tankas, I will put tankas into my poetry toolbox.

    And I love the mermaid change. I am using her from now on.


  2. Thank you for the Splash, girlgriot! Wow. I have so much respect for your writing and your blog — this means a lot coming from you. And your Splash? Totally, undeniably deserved. Is there a rule that says I can’t Splash you back? 😉


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