Love and Kindness

Did anyone else hear the wonderful story on NPR this morning about Rowan LeCompte, the man who’s been making stained glass windows for the National Cathedral in Washington?  I fell in love with this man in about two seconds.  He is so gentle and warm and charming, he’s completely irresistible. You can read about him, listen to the interview and see a slide show that includes a very cute picture of him if you go to the NPR site.

When asked about his beliefs, he said, “I believe in kindness and love.”  And he talks with such obvious love and respect for people, and such humility about himself.  He really astounded me.  Sadly, he is dying, another thing he said in the interview (“I’m not long for this world, I think, because I’ve been diagnosed with a difficulty.”).  And it’s sad to think of losing such a sweet person, but he has worked for sixty years at something he loves, something that continues to please and inspire him, and what a great gift that is.  He will leave so much behind, including the new window he is currently working on for the cathedral, a window that will replace one he made 30 years ago.

He’s well worth a listen if you have a few minutes.  I woke up to this story … and today’s tanka is for Mr. LeCompte:

color in his hands
plays with light and reflection
beauty from sunshine
love, kindness inspire him
his gentle heart over all


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