Reflections …

My new night class started yesterday (the one bright bit of my day).  And here are things a few students wrote at the end of class during ‘reflections’ time:

It felt good writing these poems because it expresses my thoughts and feelings.¹

Stacie is really nice and jolly.²

Stacie is kind and patient and responsible.

I think you are a very cool person.  I’ve never had a teacher who made me want to learn.

Thank you for letting me be in your class again.  It feels good to learn with you again.

I needed that.  It does nothing about the ugly wheel that was set in motion yesterday, but it feels good all the same.  I’m surprised by which people said which things.  And not surprised, too.  We had a good start last night, and had fun tonight.  A nice way to get the new term off the ground.

Tonight’s tanka is for them:

students in my class
each one new, closed, hesitant
will they stay all spring
we are at the first moment
testing the water lightly


¹  We were writing … you guessed it … tanka (and haiku — I don’t have a completely one-track mind).  This student got the forms right away and wrote two excellent poems: a tanka about his girlfriend and a haiku about why he likes to smoke weed.  No.  Really.  I had five poems tonight about marijuana.  Two other students each wrote two poems about it.  How wild is that?  Not like them smoking is a surprise to me.  It seems to be half the school’s favorite thing to do.  But no one’s every written poetry about it before!

²   Jolly?!  Am I at all jolly?  I don’t mean yesterday or today, but in general.  Fox, Mopsy: does anyone ever think of me as … jolly?


4 thoughts on “Reflections …

  1. molly

    My name is Molly, but nobody has ever called me Jolly Molly. Jolly is a hotel chain in Europe, Molly is a dog’s name. Jolly is Santa Claus.
    No, I do not think of you as jolly. I think the student was looking for “cheerful”, which you try to be, I am sure, as their teacher. Positive, optimistic, supportive. My bet is that they meant “supportive and kind” and the opposite of “grouchy”, and it came out “jolly”.


  2. Jolly struck me as well, and I haven’t ever met you! I think it means the associations Molly mentioned–you’re fun, open, warm, someone she’d feel safe embracing…all great things to find in a teacher! Love that you’ve got them writing haiku…


  3. foxrafer

    Well, you can be “jolly” but somehow I don’t think you are in front of a class. I think you’d need to be a bit giddy before you’d slip into jolly-ness. 🙂 I agree with the others; they were shooting for fun or something and found their way to jolly.


  4. Mopsy

    I think of you as jolly in that you giggle at times. Not so much a HoHoHo, but more of a TeeHee. It’s sort of a little Betty Rubble -ish. But Jolly? Not really.


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