Betwixt and Between.

Fox sent me over here to cheer me a little.  And it worked.  I am smiling even as I type this.

Got through the week.  Next week will be better.

wake me soft and slow
gold through my morning window
glow of April light
remind me when I forget
I’m doing the best I can


4 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between.

    1. Thanks! I’m working on being a little more patient with myself, a little more giving. Right now, giving myself time to feel sad and angry … and time to get over it.


  1. Mopsy

    How does your sister find this stuff? I loved the TweenBots — I’m planning on trolling through NY looking for one to help…


    1. Oh, Fox is brilliant. I love that video. I’ve watched it a few times now. The way people respond to that funny little bot is just too fabulous. My favorite is the park ranger … she actually takes the TweenBot by the hand and steers it along! Too adorable. I love the piece Kinzer wrote to go along with the video, love knowing that none of the bots were damaged or lost, loved that people spoke to the bots, and loved the idea of this woman watching from afar with a video camera in her purse! Too excellent.


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